Thrush treatment is something that you should not put off indefinitely.  The yeast infection symptoms will only get worse and the longer you leave it the harder it will be to get rid of.  Natural thrush treatment is recommended for treating symptoms of candida and to prevent recurring yeast infections.  Yeast infection symptoms in women include itching and irritation in the vagina, redness and swelling and you also may get pain while having intercourse.  Yeast infection causes can be as simple as poor hygiene but in most cases, especially for men, it is transmitted from sexual activity.  Yeast likes dark damp places to grow in so keep the vagina area well washed and dried and change underwear regularly.

Male yeast infection symptoms

Male yeast infection symptoms can be very similar to sexually transmitted diseases.  Most male yeast infections are obtained from their female partner.  You should first go to a doctor to get checked out to make sure it is not a sexually transmitted disease before treating it for yeast infection.  Males can have a yeast infection for weeks or even months before any symptoms show up.  Penile yeast infection is very itchy with a red rash.  You may also get an uncontrollable discharge of white liquid with a hideous odour.   Thrush treatment for males also can be treated naturally.

Natural Thrush Treatment

There are many ways naturally to treat yeast infection symptoms.  You can eat yogurt or use yogurt tampons for the vagina.  Buttermilk and yogurt are two of the best natural cures for thrush.  Stay away from too much sugar, but you can add garlic, cranberry, cinnamon, oil of oregano, or tea tree oil.  There are many natural cures out there for thrush treatment.  Whatever cures you decide to use just make sure it is a long term solution and doesn’t just mask the symptoms.

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